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Average day in the shop

Average day in the shop


All Les Tuck wanted was to build his z car…

Sixteen years before Les Tuck held the keys to Bowest Motors, he was standing in a dusty Arizona junkyard, salvaging for Volvo parts. He was 10,000 miles into seeing what life would offer him, and that offering happened to be an orange, dust-covered Datsun S30. The Datsun spawned the Rusty Speedwerks collective, a group of friends creating a lifestyle out of a living. Rusty Speedwerks Inc. is housed under Bowest Motors’ 60-year legacy of car culture in Bowness Alberta, Calgary, Canada.

Although the z car still waits to be drive-able Rusty Speedwerks has built and seen success with a number of customer custom builds.

Ultimately the goal is to build unique and functional vehicles, developing a community that contributes to car culture and creativity.

Every week RSW hosts a “shopnight” at Bowest Motors, inviting enthusiasts and eager learners to come in and wrench on different projects.

We invite you to come and join the “collective”.